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Congratulations you have reached The Wellbeing Farm

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Staff Policies and Procedures


Joining our organisation – this gives you a general overview to your employment at the farm

Information for Apprentices – this provides specific information for Apprentices

Salaries and Wages etc. – this document details how and when you are paid and also covers lateness

Sickness Policy – if you are feeling sick and can’t work, this is what you do

Safeguards – this document includes information on data protection, or email and internet policy, cash handling, security etc.

Standards  - this document covers wastage, standards of dress and housekeeping

Health, Safety, Welfare and Hygiene – this document covers safety, alcohol and drugs, no smoking, hygiene, manual handling and fitness for work

General Terms and Procedures – this covers changes in personal details; other employment and private work, time off, maternity pay, time off and general behaviour

Anti-Bribery Policy – this details how we deal with bribery (which is not allowed in any form)

Whistle-Blowers – under certain circumstances employees are protected from suffering and detrimental conditions – this gives you more details

Capability Procedures – this document details staff ability in being able to undertake a role

Disciplinary Procedures – this document sets out our standards of performance and behaviour

Capability / Disciplinary Appeal Procedure – this details how you can appeal against any capability or disciplinary action taken against you

Grievance Procedure – if you are dissatisfied with your employment this is how you can raise any issue

Personal Harassment Policy and Procedure – this covers how we deal with harassment

Equal Opportunities Policy

Termination of Employment



In addition to the human resources policies, there are a number of other documents which you may find useful:


New Employees

Application Form – useful if you’d like to apply for any positions at the farm

Job Description – Waiting On and Bar Staff – a generic job description for waiting on and bar staff

Health Questionnaire - Please complete this form so we can make adjustments to your workplace if you have a health condition or allergy

Young Person’s Risk Assessment – if you are under 18 you must complete one of these and get this signed by your parents

Bank Details Form – complete this so we can pay you via bank transfer every month

New Starter – the most important one – we pass this onto our accountant (Rivington Accounts) so they can process your timesheets and ensure you are paid!

Work Experience Application Form – used if someone is applying for solely work experience


Existing Staff

Form For Existing Employees – if you have any change in your personal details such as address etc. please complete this form

Restrictive Covenant – all staff are required to be aware of this policy in place

Training Agreement – if you attend a course which The Wellbeing Farm pays for you must complete this

Deductions From Pay – please be aware that this policy is in place for all employees

Appraisal Guide for Employees – The Wellbeing Farm’s appraisal scheme

Lone Worker Policy – please be aware of the existence of this policy if you work alone on the farm (applicable for people responsible for animal care and farm maintenance)


General Data Protection Regulations Compliance

The Wellbeing Farm  Employee Data Subject Access Request Form




wellbeing farm wedding venue

The Wellbeing Farm

Wedding Venue

Wheatsheaf Hill Farm

Plantation Road

Edgworth, Bolton



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