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Welcome to the enchanting world of our Wedding and Events Venue – The Wellbeing Farm. Nestled amidst lush green landscapes, our venue provides the perfect backdrop for your special day or milestone event. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, we offer tailored packages that suit every occasion.

Our dedicated team works passionately to craft unique experiences that reflect your personality and vision. With a blend of rustic charm and modern elegance, The Wellbeing Farm turns every event into a memorable affair.

You’ve discovered a very different wedding and events venue…

You’ve discovered a wedding and events venue flexible to your needs…

You’ve discovered a wedding and events venue perfect for you…

Let’s scroll and discover more about our wedding and events venue together…

Wedding Offers

The Wellbeing Farm

We’re not going to go into detail at this point about how many awards we’ve won (so many I’m thinking of a new display area) or the fact that we are the first B Corp Certified venue in the UK… we are proud to say we are a trusted, sustainable venue.

Exclusive Venue

We are not even going to explain (at this point) all of our different areas exclusive to you on the day, for an incredible guest experience, amazing photos and loads of fun….

Bow tie-wearing Llamas

We hope you do realise that we also have bow tie-wearing Llamas (yes you read it right) – we are determined that nobody is going to forget your wedding….

Planning your Event

What we will explain (which other venues won’t) is that for many of us, planning a wedding, party or corporate event is both,

exciting and overwhelming….

Help your Wellbeing

Mental health is not something that we often discuss when it comes to wedding and event planning, but it’s very real and The Wellbeing Farm has been specifically created to help your wellbeing: both in your wedding and event planning and your experience on the day.

Award-winning Venue

Our award-winning wedding team is here to take the stress out of your planning. So you can sit back, relax and let us make all your wedding and event dreams come true!

Choosing a Venue

We know that choosing a venue is a huge decision, so we have tried to give you as much information as we can to make it as easy as possible.

Please refer to our separate wedding, corporate and party sections to see how we can help you make your choice.