10 ways to celebrate your original Wedding Date

If you’ve had to have your wedding re-scheduled due to certain circumstances out of your control, you’re not alone: and we would like to help you by giving you 10 ways you can celebrate your original Wedding date.

We are contacting every couple of ours who has had to reschedule on their date on their original day and let them know we are thinking of them, but here are some ways you can make it still special in isolation, while looking forward to your new date.

  1. Have a Mock Ceremony
    Get glammed up and either have a mock ceremony through Zoom with as many family and friends as you want in attendance. For any couples with children, why not get them involved? If they’re old enough, they can even initiate the ceremony: https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/18407792.hereford-couple-married-five-year-old-covid-19-wedding-cancellation/
  2. Have a mock Photoshoot
    Get silly with a mock photoshoot. You may get some more ideas for the day itself!
  3. Cook your Wedding Breakfast!
    A good staple of any romantic date is a bit of food, and why not try and replicate what you would have had on your day? Or if not, how about your partner’s favourite meal instead! Grab a nice bottle of wine to enjoy it with too!
  4. Give each other a present!
    Doesn’t have to be big, but a little token can help give your partner an encouragement that it may not have worked out as planned but you can look forward to your brand new date.
  5. Practise your first dance in your living room!
    Romantic AND extra practise so you wouldn’t feel QUITE as silly on the day! Phew!
  6. Host Virtual Drinks with your guests
    Yes we’ve probably already done enough on Zoom to last us a lifetime, but it’s the best thing at the moment to get everyone together. Have a virtual cocktail bar open as you chat and play games with your friends.

  7. Have a cosy Movie Night in! With Pizza!
    If something with all your friends doesn’t feel right to you, how about a night in with you and your partner with your favourite film! Grab some pizza or order a takeaway, have some other snacks and a big tub of ice cream on hand!
  8. Have a Spa Day!
    Perfect way to relax. Have some face masks on hand, or have a bath with that bath bomb from Lush you always wanted to use!
  9. Buy a Cake!
    The best celebrations always have cake! Grab your favourite flavour, or go for the silliest one you can find in the supermarket? Whatever tastes good!
  10. Write letters!
    If you live in a different house to your partner, then this is one is for you! Write them a letter and post it in time for them to open on what would have been your wedding day. Awww!!!!

We hope these have given you 10 good ideas to celebrate what would have been your original wedding date; and that we can help you in the coming months in preparing for your brand new date.

9 May 2020