12 Hottest Wedding Trends 2019

We’ve been digging around researching wedding trends for 2019 – here’s what we have found…

Bold Colours

Colours are going to be bold and bright, and will take a starring role in everything from floral arrangements to bridesmaid dresses. Reds, pinks, and even oranges are big in 2019 – apparently orange is the new pink!

Our Wedding Barn decked out in bold oranges.

Purple is huge in 2019. ‘Ultraviolet’ 18-3838 is Pantone’s 2018 colour of the year for 2018. And turquoise is definitely one of the key colours for 2019.

The trend of bringing the outdoors INDOORS was big in 2018 and will definitely be sticking around for 2019, with plenty of greenery. Green or emerald will be a coveted colour for 2019.

Unique Dresses

Wedding dresses with pockets will be a big trend – no more brides losing things at the farm!

If you’ve been keeping up with the recent royal weddings, you’ll know that sleeves are a big trend. Useful for the winter barn weddings around this time of year!

Another thing you might have noticed from the royal weddings is the bride and groom slipping into something more comfortable for the evening, making it easier to hit the dancefloor! Luckily, we have our Llama Boudoir on hand if anyone wants to change at our weddings.

Finally, have you ever dreamed of a princess-style wedding? If so, you’re in luck! Metallic dresses and tiaras are going to big in 2019.

Our Llama Boudoir


Illustrated Invites

Gimmicky invites are losing their charm. More and more couples are opting for traditional options with bespoke illustrations. These custom designs are used throughout the wedding stationery, including: place names, maps, and menus.

We’ve even had our own range of invited designed by Meryl at Doodle Around: https://www.doodle-around-shop.co.uk/


Zero Waste Weddings

Hooray! We love being eco-friendly, and finally it’s reached weddings.

Weddings will be plastic free, and couples will use flower that can’t be replanted. This is so in line with our values, did you know we recycle all of our food waste?

We’ve even been acknowledged by Green Tourism for our eco-friendly achievements!

Wedding Tech

Drones are still a hot trend! Which is good, as we have loads of stunning scenery for great shots.

A new trend we’re excited for is projection mapping. This is where you use projectors to transform a room in any way you choose. We’ve plenty of blank wall space for this.

More information can be found here: https://www.guidesforbrides.co.uk/blog/projection-mapping-at-your-wedding

Unplugged Ceremonies

Ceremonies in 2019 will be super intimate, as brides and grooms will ask their guests to leave their phones and cameras at the door. Every single person at the ceremony will be right there, in the moment.

We’ve already ordered some signs for you to use, telling guests to switch off their phones and enjoy the moment!

Relaxed Food

Food bars and sharing platters are a huge trend for 2019! We already offer sharing platters and a relaxed dining experience, we enable guests to have as much food as they want!

Dessert stations are lots of fun, and will be popular in 2019. They get people up and moving around towards the end of the meal – great news for our Cake Cart!

Other details that will add to the guest experience are mobile bars and self-service stations. We already offer these via our Bar ‘O’ Llama horsebox bar, and our Micro Brewery, where your guests can pour their own cask ale!

Hanging Florals

We love that hanging floral centrepieces will continue to be one of the biggest trends. They’re spectacular and are available from QUBE Events.

These hanging flower hoops within the Barn are impressive because of the high ceilings. They really do create an impressive visual impact. They can also work as an alternative to centrepieces, freeing up space on the tables.


There’s a new trend for a couples going away before the wedding! Sounds like good fun before you blow the budget!

Will our tractor be whisking couples to the wedding?


Table Decor

Chrome, glitter and silver will replace the gold and rose gold colours of 2018. You can add silver into your flowers – green goes amazing with silver.

Another trend for 2019 is low floral displays for both the aisle and tables, replacing huge displays where nobody can see each other! Wild flowers and boho-inspired arrangements are growing in popularity in the wake of the royal wedding.



Elevated balloon structures create that unique, Instagram-ready focal point. Clear balloons filled with glitter or pastel arrangements are both gorgeous, and on trend for 2019.


Guest Entertainment

Video-booths are replacing photo-booths – when you have a video-booth, guests can record a video message for you to keep in an electronic and alternative guest book.

Experimental entertainment will be a big trend for 2019. Couples are looking for tarot card readers, glitter bars, walking magicians, and singalongs around pianos! Although, in our opinion, nothing can beat our tried and tested llama selfie!


So, that was just a flavour of what to expect from 2019! We can’t wait!



14 Nov 2018