2023 trends #10 – Alternative first dances

First dances: if there is anything many couples dread, it is this. The traditional slow swaying to a slow romantic, sometimes sappy song. 

However, to help take the pressure off, it’s not the only way to have a first dance. 

Couples are taking the pressure off having them dance alone by bringing parents, or the bridesmaids, into the dance with them. Or having something completely left field. 

Blogger Charlie Elliot’s first dance went viral on Tik Tok; she had hers on a retro dance mat, straight from an arcade! Another alternative dance is one we remember from as far as 2016 – a kick-boxing match no less! Or Chrissy & Ang’s this year, who started off the traditional way, but then turned into a “do whatever you want” along with the cast of Star Wars! 

While we’re a barn venue, we couldn’t not mention the obvious choice – the traditional ceilidh, or barn dance! For any proper ceilidh dance, you need a big group dancing, so this is a great way to skip the first dance altogether and get EVERYONE on to the floor! 

How would you do your first dance?

30 Nov 2022