2023 trends #2 – New Classics VS Neon Brights

While Digital Lavender may be THE 2023 colour, we want to of course highlight some other shades which are set to take 2023 by storm! 

And surprisingly, there are a few. But the trend we’re seeing is the new classic muted and rustic tones, paired with bright and bold neon. 

In terms of more muted colours:

  • Deep sea or dusty blue, dusty rose and moss are becoming favourites, especially among bridesmaid’s dresses. Working especially well in rustic-looking venues such as ours perfectly, they work wonderfully as a base
  • Metallic bronzes are also an elegant and poplar choice symbolising strength, loyalty, support and stability.

The beauty is that we’re seeing these can stand well on its own or paired with something else.

And that something else is becoming bolder and bolder. 

Pair these alongside a splash of bold colour to make your wedding pop: the specific ones predicted are: 

  • Luscious Red: passionate, confident, sophisticated and empowering, use bold red for spring and summer weddings, and red wine tones for autumn and winter weddings
  • Sundial: this earthy sandy yellow/gold is a treat shade if you want to play with textures and fabrics; feeling like Queen Cleopatra 
  • Tranquil Blue: this is not as tranquil as you think, but rather a lighter shade of royal or cobalt blue. This shade is sure to uplift and energise your guests 
  • Verdigris: This greenish pigment comes from oxidised copper and is similar to emerald. A very progressive shade, especially with millennials and Gen-Z, green very often comes along as a popular colour for weddings, especially with the rise of sustainable weddings. With this jewel-tone, couples can bring both balance and a touch of elegance

13 Nov 2022