2023 trends #3 – The 80s are back

2022 has been a HUGE year for 80s nostalgia, an era that has been coming back quite a bit in recent years. This is mainly thanks to Stanger Things celebrating all kinds of 80s nostalgia since its premiere in 2016; and of course, this year, that same show helped to bring in Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) to No.1 in the charts across the world, and Metallica’s Master of Puppets to see a 400% increase in streams

It goes without saying then, that if you’re looking to this nostalgic decade, this is a great opportunity to bring guests back to the age of aliens, pilots and kids finding hidden treasures, from favours, photo opportunities and decoration. 

Speaking of nostalgia, one of the biggest films of the 80s was The Wedding Singer, and we’re looking to see an homage to that; not necessarily just with the incredible playlists for dancing or getting a wedding singer (though those are amazing fun), but in big weddings with big decorative features. 

We’ve already started to see balloon arches make a comeback – and we can recommend a biodegradable balloon supplier, so you can have your arch without harming the planet. 

If you fancy making a big statement without the balloons, using flowers to do this is the perfect way to go; whether that be in a bouquet, flower arch or another display of your choice, we’re expecting couples to go big, just as they did in the 80s. 

Another cultural event that kicked off the 1980s was undeniably Princess Diana’s wedding, and her legendary gown is again giving inspiration to couples. Dressmakers are seeing a 39% search in couples looking for puffed sleeves in their dresses. This wasn’t the first-time sleeved dresses came back in BIG, as Diana’s daughter Kate had a sleeved dress for her wedding in 2011. As well as sleeves, we’re also expecting more strong shoulders (not necessarily padded though), as well as big accessories. 

Coincidentally enough, the 1970s were a big inspiration for 2022 – does this mean we’re set to see a 90s comeback in 2024…?

16 Nov 2022