2023 trends #6 – Humanist Ceremonies

Let’s be honest, a wedding ceremony can be so stuffy can’t it? 

So bogged down in traditions and formalities, they can mean little to the couple, apart from of course the “I Dos”. But we’re seeing a change; mostly coming from couples wanting to have more control about what goes into their ceremonies. 

Their main aim – make it personal to them. To make ceremonies special again. 

Demand therefore for humanist celebrants has never been higher. Unlike a registrar, anything goes for their ceremonies; they’re open to whatever the couple wants – whatever songs they want, readings they want, vows they want. If they want a hand-fasting ceremony, or one that is wild and wacky, go for it celebrants say. 

While it does mean that the legal part would need to be done in the registry office a couple of days before, couples are telling us it is a worthy risk, in order for them to have the special ceremony they wanted. 

22 Nov 2022