2023 trends #7 – Alternative entertainment

Wedding entertainment has traditionally been a DJ in the evening and not much if anything more than that. 

But of course, couples are now thinking outside the box. 

Speaking of DJs, we’re happy that many that we work with are taing the coupes interests into account, and aren’t just sticking to the standard wedding cheese (as awesome as it is). If, say one couple prefers rock vs indie, then perfect. We once had a couple who wanted Ibiza classics as that was where they met – no problem. 

Having said that, one of the biggest trends is for couples to re-asses their entertainment choices, and pick something different. We think it’s because entertainment is one of the biggest personalisation elements to a wedding. 

A wedding is one of the biggest celebrations there is, and so couples want to make theirs an experience for all their family and friends. 

A selection of games, whether that be crazy golf, or bringing in arcade machines: magicians: a casino table: a drag artist: a caricaturist – there’s all kinds of touches couples are bringing in to stand out. 

To make the big day even more of an experience, for close family and friends, wedding days are turning into wedding weekends, with experiences and various treats being planned both for the day before and after the wedding itself. No way is anyone going to forget a whole weekend full of celebrations!

Looking to grab some alternative entertainment for your wedding? Let us know, and we can help recommend some trusted suppliers that will hopefully suit what you’re looking for.

24 Nov 2022