2023 trends #8 – Going green

We talked about this last year – but let’s face it, this is NOT, rightly so, going to go away: Wedding Trends 2022 #3 – Ethical and Sustainable Weddings – Wedding and Events Venue The Wellbeing Farm

We very rightly have more awareness on what is happening to our planet, and the impact a wedding has, more than ever before. And so it is no wonder couples want to find ways to minimise that. 

Here’s a quick summary of what we’re seeing couples doing: 

  • Finding an ethical venue which supports green practises. Or maybe one that has a B Corp certificate….
  • Being conscious of their floral arrangements, and buying flowers that are seasonal to when they’re getting married
  • Renting their wedding dress or buying them 2nd hand. In fact, wedding dressers have seen a 132% increase in interest 
  • Instead of buying a guest book, more novel ideas such as an old item that means something to them. We’ve seen this ourselves, as couples have used anything from a guitar to even a surfboard for guests to sign and leave their well-wishes 
  • Making eco-favours, ranging from packs of seeds to something edible like ethical chocolates, or encouraging guests to make charity donations to a cause special to them. We also recently had a wedding make name place cards out of seed paper – what an amazing idea! 
  • Taking the “something old” level to the extreme and using as much 2nd hand stuff as they can. Having “The Original Prop Shed”, we admit we may know a thing or two about this. It’s not just reducing the footprint in creating new things, but also in petrol miles going to various places and picking up x y and z

For even more tips, find out more about our green package incentives here – the more actions you do, we may give you a treat or two for the big day!

26 Nov 2022