2023 trends #9 – First look

This will have seemed unthinkable a year or two ago. In fact, it may still seem unthinkable to a number of you. And that is fine, this is NOT for everyone. 

But… how would you feel about forgoing the tradition of not seeing your spouse until you walk/see them walk up the aisle? 

Well, a little bird from across the pond has told that couples over there, and more and more so here, are forgoing just that! 

Seems crazy we know, but in reality, it can create some lovely moments. 

This is created either in front of very close family/friends, or more often than not, planned with just the couple themselves and their photographer. 

Very often during a wedding, we find that it can be hard for the newly married happy couple to find a moment to themselves until everyone has gone home for the night. So, we think this new tradition came out for couples to do just that. 

Really sweet if you ask us! 

Would this be something you ever do on your wedding?

23 Feb 2023