2023 trends #5 – Outdoor weddings

We seem to remember this being a big trend last year – but do you really have expected this trend to have gone away? We didn’t. 

So why then, has it not gone away? Well, we think it goes back to things waking up after Covid; couples wanted safer spaces, and it was much harder for the Coronavirus to transmit outdoors than it was inside. 

What we think couples also love so much about the outdoors is that couples love being married out in the open air – to a backdrop of the (in our case), Lancashire moors and (hopefully) glorious sunshine! Sounds amazing doesn’t it! 

They can also be just as experimental and lavish as the couple wants, especially with a big arch 

What is also interesting is the talk about a new law being passed – that you don’t need a licenced area to get married in. Now the full extent is to be talked about another day we think, but it does mean that if it passes, it opens up so many more possibilities for outdoor ceremonies. 

Want to get married in the heart of the woods? Or by a romantic lake? Voila – you may well be able to soon. 

(And it may help that we already have access to that… ?)

Wedding Trends #5 – Outdoor Space – Wedding and Events Venue The Wellbeing Farm

20 Nov 2022