5 Reasons to why nothing beats in-person networking

During the lockdown, we all had to become Zoom experts overnight! But nothing beats face-to-face contact, whether it’s with your family or your Team.

So we’re giving 5 reasons why it may be soon time to give Zoom a break and get back to physical networking (safely of course).


  1. It’s in our DNA

Humans are social animals – we’re not designed to be cooped up as we have been for a significant amount of time. Our nature is to meet people and forge new relationships. Plus it’s a lot easier without the screen barrier, as online relationships are generally less authentic and trust-worthy.

  1. It’s better for both our Mental and Physical Wellbeing to not be on the screen as much as we have been

We all know using a screen all the time isn’t good for our eyesight, but we’ve been using them a lot more than usual for both work and play.

But also, when everything’s online, you think that they’re always working or contactable. Being back in the office for work gives a clear start and end time that is harder to enforce when at home.

  1. In-person meetings are more creative and fluid

Zoom meetings are good for structure, but not if you want a brainstorming session. It’s harder via a screen to be as creative and innovative for your Team to discuss ideas. Yes the tools are there such as the screen-share and the chat function, but it’s a lot harder for fluid Teamwork. And it’s also a lot slower to type up minutes etc online than to jot them down in person.

  1. Physical networking allows your Team to focus better with fewer distractions

Working from home is a lot harder then we all thought it was going to be. From being distracted to what’s happening outside, to having to look after children at the same time! Even on a Zoom call, it’s a lot harder not to be distracted.

  1. Technology issues!

Let’s be honest, no-one is going to miss a crackly connection, or the camera suddenly not working; it’s not only annoying but also wastes time in your meetings.


If you’d like a change of scene or the chance to escape from zoom, why not contact us to see what meeting options we can offer you… Please phone 01204 852113

26 Jun 2020