5 Ways to make your next Event Fun with Social Distancing

Want to get your Team re-acquainted but don’t know how to do that AND comply with the guidelines? Here are 5 quick ways to make your next Team Building session a load of fun WITHIN the social distancing rules.

  1. Issue your guests/delegates fun masks to wear, , or see who can make the biggest statement with the funniest mask. Click here for some inspiration.
  2. Run a competition with your Team – who can make the best social distancing hat using a pool noodle
  3. OR if you cannot use pool noodles, (as let’s face it, they are a bit heavy), use long inflatable balloons instead; just like how students in China are using them to socially distance in the lecture hall
  4. Get on the dance floor – you can have great fun on the dancefloor using a pool noodle.
  5. Another way for your Team to be 2 meters apart, is to encourage fun unique ways to socially distance. Just look at these guys!


Whatever happens, we are enjoying finding fun and creative ways to adapt our venue so people can socialise and dine safely so watch this space for more ideas..! Can you think of 5 more ways to make your next event fun, even with social distancing?

Finally we personally never thought about pool noodles before but here’s a very useful video on how they can be used – who’d have thought it!

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18 May 2020