7 reasons why you should consider our exclusive venue over others for your wedding ….

If you want your wedding day to be truly special, then consider an exclusive venue designed to make your special day a truly private and personal experience.  You and your guests will have the use of the whole property for the duration of your special day. Here are the reasons why you should choose a venue like The Wellbeing Farm over others …

1.       Complete privacy – Your wedding is a personal occasion for you as a couple to enjoy with your friends and family, you want complete privacy to enjoy the day only with ‘your people’. As an exclusive venue, we give you just this, by providing a home away from home experience with no other parties or hotel/restaurant guests there.  From golfers teeing off, to other hotel guests reading the paper in the foyer while you prepare to walk down the aisle; a wedding day is meant to be spent with those you love most, not complete strangers. So, for this reason, our exclusive use wedding venue is quite simply perfect.

2.       It’s a safer option – In these unsettling times, there aren’t going to be multiple events happening at once, or an onsite restaurant or bar that any member of the public could just wander in. You know EXACTLY who you will be attending; just you, your guests and our staff. Our venue is also in the middle of the countryside – surrounded by fresh air. Even the UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries has stated that “at outdoor events, the virus will not survive very long. Outside it loses its viability to transmit disease so outdoor events in particular are relatively safe”.  

3.       No travel hassle– from the exciting morning preparations of your wedding to saying ‘I do’ and experiencing the magical and romantic last dance of the night, you don’t need to think about how your guests find the church and then the venue – your guests just arrive and then have this amazing experience partying until 1 am.

4.       Amazing photos – As we are an exclusive wedding venue, you can rest assured that you won’t have strangers photobombing your photos or watching over you  (although we can’t guarantee a llama won’t do this). Use our grounds for your amazing photo opportunities and be relaxed that it’s your wedding your way.

5.       You don’t have to tame your wandering guests – as only your wedding party will be using our venue, all our areas are available to use. You get total flexibility allowing for creativity in your event planning – think about providing chill-out or games areas for your guests. It’s your wedding your way… You’ll also be pleased to know that no sneaky neighbours from next door will be making their way inside during your nuptials, helping themselves to your free bar!  More importantly, an exclusive use wedding venue offers you so much more security as you know only those you hold nearest and dearest are in close proximity, meaning kids can run riot without the fear of upsetting someone.

6.       Let your creativity go boom – unleash the dragon and completely personalise your day your way. That’s the best benefit of an exclusive use venue. Add the colours, décor, flowers you want to use – don’t worry about restrictions. Be as conservative or as quirky as you wish with the décor.

7.       Keep your gifts to yourself – We’ve heard some real horror stories in the past from other wedding venues where happy couples have become quite unhappy thanks to their wedding gifts getting mixed up with the other couple saying their “I do” at that very same venue. A hideous thought, we’re sure you’ll agree.

8.       You get the undivided attention of our team – With no-one else to think about, you’ll have our attention dedicated entirely to you and your party. You’ve got our complete attention, your Events Manager and the catering staff are solely focused on ensuring your day is amazing. We don’t have to juggle the needs of several couples simultaneously, giving us the time to ensure that everything is perfect for you. What could be better?

9.       You get to mingle with our animals – so many studies show that stroking an animal can help lower your blood pressure and being near them can help lower anxiety and stress levels. Also chatting about the animals really brings people together.

10.   People are surprised at our exclusive price – so many people react positively when they come for a quote for their wedding – it’s really not as expensive as you think. You may not even be considering an exclusive venue as you just assume it’s prohibitively expensive. Well come to us for a quote and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

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19 Mar 2020