A Perfect Marriage – A Guide to Whitehead’s Butchers

How many other venues do you know that have a Butchers as their partner business?

It’s okay, take your time…

We thought so – none!

Whitehead’s Butchers has been going in Edgworth Village for over 130 years! It prides itself on being as traditional a butcher as they can get, too, fully living out the farm to fork belief.

You can see for yourself! Mr Whitehead’s farm is just next door to The Wellbeing Farm, and it is his local lamb that is used for his shop, and subsequently our weddings – yes, that’s right, we are truly proud to say that all of our meat comes from Whitehead’s Butchers. By doing that, we know EXACTLY where all your food has come from; and we know just how important that is to our couples!

Back in the day, we used to hold butchery and sausage-making courses at the farm – but when we picked up more and more weddings, unfortunately we had to drop those. No-one’s complaining though, as it means thousands of people every year are having Whiteheads’ meat while being guests at our weddings. And our parties… Oh, and all the Wedding Feast Experiences too!

Now if you excuse me, all this talk about meat has made me really hungry…

25 Jun 2019