Attention to Detail—We do it for the ‘Gram.

Here at Team Wellbeing, we know that a little attention to detail is the final touch—the cherry on top as you might say—for a perfect wedding day. Now, find out what goes on from our side in the lead up to your wedding to ensure every tiny detail is taken care of.

We know that sorting out those miniscule bits and bobs isn’t everyone’s forte, and that’s where we come in, as we know it certainly doesn’t come naturally to everybody. Perfectly positioned lanterns, just the right brightness of fairy lights, impeccably central table runners, and beautifully arranged décor might not seem a big deal to some people, and others may even not be able to tell the difference! But to us it’s the difference between a mediocre and a WOW wedding. And you know we deliver WOW WEDDINGS!

Our Wedding & Events Coordinators are known for our pedantry, which, believe me, is sometimes difficult to control; we occasionally struggle to contain ourselves when it comes to attention to detail—probably something that our couples are actually pleased about! It is both a blessing and a curse… But a definite blessing and perfect addition to our role at The Wellbeing Farm! You give us the overall theme for your wedding and we’ll help where we can in sorting the finer details with our magic touch.

As you set up for your big day (with our help of course) we are on hand to ensure every little detail is taken care of, even if you might not realise it. While you’re frantically trying to remember where you put those extra favours for the two last-minute guests, we’re having a look through your wedding items and mentally making a note of where everything will be positioned in order to get that picture perfect Insta worthy shot—we do it for the ‘Gram!

Working with photographers on a weekly basis gives us a little insight into which shots are going to make it, and which aren’t. So, we try our best to make sure that no matter the angle, our barn looks STUNNING (as well as our couples of course). Cue the morning arrival of our Wedding Coordinators, first up making sure all the fairy lights are super sparkly, which means replacing a lotttttt of batteries. Then comes the arranging, before we start to lay out your personal items that will stun you and your guests as you make your way in. Don’t forget how we fluff the Bride’s dress just moments before she makes her way down the aisle—that’s our final attempt at beautifying and making sure it is photo ready before we hand over the reins to you!

As we watch in the background throughout the day, we’ll make a few adjustments here and there to keep things looking super pretty—all this is more than worth it when we see your faces light up as you take everything in. And when we finally lay eyes on your wedding photos, we do our little happy dance that the chair tassels are all PERFECTLY even, your favours look beautifully positioned on the tables, The Barn looks as stunning as you’d hoped, and we realise we helped to make your wedding dreams come true!



17 Oct 2018