Being Brave – Why did I start the farm?

Being Brave

Why did I start the farm?

I’ve always valued the ‘no regrets’ philosophy to life. When on your deathbed, reflect back on what did you achieve? What did you do with your life? Where did you travel to?

I was 40 when I got the idea for the farm. Call it a mid-life crisis or a crazy moment….. I was actually on a gift-wrapping course (yes this thing does exist) and I overheard a conversation by two women about how they ran courses from their house. I wasn’t exactly earwigging, it’s just that their conversation was so good and so enlightening, that I found the football which I was learning to gift wrap at the time, roll across the floor towards them. Thankfully giving me a more convenient earwigging location.

They were discussing the possibility of running a gift-wrapping course at their venue (they were there for market research purposes) and a thought suddenly came into my mind. Why don’t I do something similar with the farm??

You see I am a self-confessed courseaholic – if there is a course, I’ll be on it. I just love learning, meeting new people, new experiences, developing new skills – I prefer it to anything. So would it be possible to run courses from the farm? What a great idea…..  I raced home with my head exploding with ideas – Would Stephen let me transform his farm? How much would it cost? Would the Council let me do this? Would people want to come to the farm?

What followed was one hell of a rollercoaster ride to make my dream happen – this blog and my ‘Why Put a Bow Tie On a Llama’ will uncover the how, why, when, what, who of my journey which ended up building The Wellbeing Farm as you know today.

6 Sep 2018