BLAST OFF!!! We have now launched Corporate Events at The Wellbeing Farm! Inspire your Health, Business and Mind…

Long before we dived into the Wedding Industry, did you know we built The Wellbeing Farm around businesses escaping the busy city life for some countryside air and… well… Wellbeing! 

On 10th January, we let loose the cannons, joining the launch celebrations with the release of our Managing Director Celia’s book ‘Why Put A Bow Tie On A Llama?’ How a crazy idea can change your life and transform your business.

The event was hosted by us, and by Chris Maguire – and let me tell you, the team of speakers he managed to pull together was absolutely incredible, all of whom had THE most inspiring stories to tell! All of them had faced the odds and completely transformed their lives!

The day early started with a small private round table event in our newly refurbished Wheatsheaf Barn, setting the off to a fantastic start. It gave the attendees the chance to experience what it’s like to have a meeting at the farm. 

Over 100 people joined us in the afternoon for a spot of lunch, made on-site by our award-winning Head Chef. This was the first time our Grazing Boards made an appearance – and everyone’s mouths watered just by looking at it! I mean, look at these yummy pictures Creative Camera took!
And do you do want to know the best part? There was no excuse NOT to dig in, as it was all healthy, with the aim to stimulate the brain! 

Speaking of food, I cannot go on without mentioning the oat cookies and carrot cake – both of which were vegan AND gluten-free!

After lunch, our guests were greeted to a talk from Chris, Celia and our inspiring panel. It was a truly wonderful day, and encouraging from all who came that the mundane and ordinary doesn’t have to last!

For our staff, there was still more to come – as Celia had a big party planned in the evening to celebrate the launch of her book!

The perfect excuse to celebrate ALL that The Wellbeing Farm has achieved, we invited staff (past and present), suppliers, friends, family and locals (this has put Edgworth on the map after all!) to a big ol’ knees-up! 

We must thank Chris McGloin for making a film of the party (which we cannot wait to see), Bolton Gin for making our scrumptious Welcome Drink, The Sweet Cellar, Sarah Wilkinson for the adorable cake, and Scene My Event (along with their saxophone) for helping us to turn the party up to 11 – or more accurate, 1 am!

It was a truly remarkable day, one that needed a good old rest the day after 😉

With that, we are so thrilled to announce that Corporate Event bookings at The Wellbeing Farm are now OPEN!

To request a brochure, please call us on 01204 852113 or email us at [email protected]

10 Feb 2020