Business Worries – The dramas of running a business

Business Worries

The dramas of running a business -I hope that I’ve now reached the point in my business that I have experienced first-hand most of the dramas that running a business brings. In the last seven years and during my lifetime I’ve faced horrible moments including near bankruptcy, business failure, staff nightmares, business rates tribunals, court, PR dramas and much more. But counteracting the business worries, I’ve lived through so much freedom, joy, happiness, fun, laughter and I do not regret for one moment the journey I’ve been on to create The Wellbeing Farm.

During this blog and more so in my book, I cover my first-hand experiences of facing many of the above scenarios. I also will be providing practical advice on how I handled it at the time and in hindsight things I could have done now I know what I know….

6 Sep 2018