But Weddings are so Boooring!!

That is what a LOT of children will probably say when they know they’re going to a wedding – I know I have definitely said it in the past, especially if there wasn’t a lot of other kids my age there, or even ones I “looked after” (I ended up being the baby sitter a lot of the time at family gatherings).

Why are they “boring”? Because, very often, there’s nothing for them to do other than run around until they’ve got an iPad plonked in front of their face in an effort to stop them getting so carried away, they crash into the prized centerpiece or the food buffet….

The difference here at The Wellbeing Farm is that the little ones have the space – and it is all for you. We truly understand how important it is to have the venue to yourself, for any wedding, but especially when you know there are going to be lots of children there. With that, we know that the children will want something to do, because we know they don’t want to be standing around with the grown-ups. Booorrriiinng!!!!

Part of our site is the massive front field, giving plenty of space to run around and play games in – and we have plenty of outdoor games to keep everyone entertained, from crazy golf to giant Connect 4 and loads more. There’s even space to hire out a bouncy castle if you wanted to!! With all that entertainment there, outside is where you will find a lot of the little ones, running around and getting a “good” graze or two. I will be honest with you now – it truly works, as I have NEVER once seen a child sitting with an iPad at a wedding here.

But it doesn’t just extend to space; but also, food. Lumière the candlestick may have said in Beauty and the Beast “Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious”, but try telling that to a little kid?! While we’ve seen plenty of children pick and choose what they want from the sharing platters the adults are having, we understand they can be fussier eaters than the rest of us, so we’ve also devised a children’s menu! These can include nachos, Whiteheads sausages with chips and mini burgers with onion rings to name a couple, with Knickerbocker Glory to finish! Yummy!

Brides like to give out their own little gifts to the children, such as sweets for favours etc, and we also like to give them a little activity book of our very own, perfect for keeping them occupied between courses.

Hopefully now, we have more cries of “This Wedding is the BEST!!” rather than big fat yawns.

1 Jun 2019