Can we do Twilight Weddings?

One of the biggest wedding trends at the moment is the Twilight Wedding – having a late ceremony and then going straight into a big party afterwards.  

Can we do this? Yes, we can; but there are a few things that our couples need to be aware of. 

We always have been and always will be an exclusive venue – we do not run multiple functions on the same day, so we have to hit a minimum level of income. 

We can cater to whatever you want as best as we possibly can, but there is a minimum spend to a wedding here, depending on the day/month/year. It’s cheaper in the midweek, as the minimum spend at a weekend would be higher. 

We hope this helps; if you would like to know, come and visit us in person either on one of our Open Days or click the link to book an appointment: https://thewellbeingfarm.youcanbook.me/ 

10 Mar 2020