Corporate Events

Unforgettable Corporate Events at The Wellbeing Farm

Unforgettable Corporate Events can you believe 2024 is just around the corner? As we approach the end of another year, it's the perfect time to plan ahead and set the tone for a successful and...

A Trio of Triumphs

At The Wellbeing Farm, we are absolutely delighted to share some incredibly exciting news – A Trio of Triumphs! we have not just one, but three nominations under our belt! To say we are blown away...

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

You may know that we are a sustainable business. That being a sustainable business led us to becoming the first B Corp certified events venue in the UK.  And you also know that we are on an...

2023 – Our year for ‘Showing’

In 2021 I was invited by Amin Vepari to be his guest at the BIBAs awards. I sat there soaking up the glitzy atmosphere of the amazing Blackpool Tower in awe of the achievements of businesses who...

Making a Difference Meetings and Events

Wouldn’t it be great if you could plan an event that was not only fantastic, but environmentally friendly too.
We are committed to a purpose beyond profit – we want to be seen as one of the most sustainable green and carbon-neutral venues in the UK.

A Year since our trip to COP 26!

Can you believe it has been a YEAR since we were in Glasgow for COP 26? No, we cannot either! 
This time last year, Celia and Charlotte had just got back from spending 3 days in Glasgow, where we asked to exhibit at a fringe event in the city, hosted by UK Hospitality. 

What 10 years of having Llamas has taught me?

I’d never had any encounters with Llamas until I had the crazy idea of getting some. So, what has 10 years of having Llamas taught me? 

We’re ReWilding!

We’re allowing the wild to grow! What are the ways we can help the planet? Plant trees? Go vegan? Leave the car at home?  Well, we are trying another that’s on the list: rewilding.  It’s something...