Courage is a Vitamin Best Swallowed by Whisky

Every family has one – the one who likes something a little bit finer, either past a certain point in the evening, or just generally; and nothing says something finer like a bit of whisky.

If you are, or know a whisky fan, pay attention – in honour of World Whiskey Day, we’re showcasing the current range of wee drams you can have during your wedding.

Scottish whiskies are definitely the dominant here, from Bowmore to Whyte & MacKay and Jura Superstition to Glenffidich single malt. We even have the animal themed Sheep Dip and Pigs Nose – hey, we like to keep the animal theme going as much as possible.

If you’d prefer the Emerald Isle rather than the Highlands, look no further than Jamesons!

Not got enough punch? Look no further than the mother of all burners, Fireball! Mixed with hot cinnamon, it may taste like Heaven, but burns like Hell! Try it if you dare!!

Finally, for a flavour from the other side of the pond, look no further than classic Bourbon Jack Daniels and Jim Beam! Yee-haw!

Don’t see anything for you? Well, like gins, rums and other spirits, whisky is one that we are constantly changing, and we’re bringing in new ones all the time so watch this space. If, however, you would like to request a specific whisky for the bar, just let us know and we will do our best to get that in for you.   

15 May 2019