When it comes to décor, where better to start with than our own Prop Store… Located on the farm we’ve gathered so many items which you can use free of charge to decorate the venue to your style…

Starting with the larger decorative items; we have our very own rustic wooden photo booth which comes with a wooden hamper full of props! This is free for you to use, it fits the feel of the barn perfectly and can be customised with the addition of your own props or hashtag – you just provide the sign and we will attach it for you. We have our own in-house candy cart – you simply provide the sweets and we do the rest for you. We also have a vintage, original rickshaw which makes a great ice cream cart or perfect for serving frozen alcoholic popsicles in the summer! If you use our Wedding House we provide you with a new Land Rover to transport you to the farm. We have a great selection of large chalkboards which can be personalised to create signs and an order of the day and the icing on the cake, our Llamas, Alpacas and Donkeys provide the ultimate in memorable guest entertainment. Finally, if you always dreamt of that tipi wedding, you have the use of our authentic Indian Tipi with Kadai fire bowl for that element of fun and cosiness.

Moving on to the smaller items. Firstly we have hundreds (literally) of jam jars, we have milk bottles, vases, jugs, everything a florist would possibly need! You are more than welcome to provide your florist with items for sizing (you can even take the vases away if we have no events on before yours where they are needed) or alternatively you can be creative and decorate the barn using all of our vases filled with shop bought flowers – we will be on hand to help with ideas!! Now your flowers are sorted, you then have to think about all those extras that truly make the wedding barn look that little bit extra special. We have wooden apple crates; use them to create a display with photo frames of loved ones or to line the aisle and stand your flowers on. We have vintage suitcases; use them to store your wedding cards – we even have a sign that says ‘please place your cards here’ and love heart shaped bunting that displays ‘cards.’ We have light up LOVE and PARTY letterscopper lanterns, wedding cake stands, chair ribbons, and enough fairy lights and led candles to light the whole of Lancashire. It is impossible to list everything and I admit to being a little bit of a shopaholic, so the selection of props available is ever increasing! The value of all of these items incompleteness has cost us thousands of pounds, but we truly believe that if we have bought it, our couples can use it. We would much rather see our items on display looking beautiful that gathering dust in our Prop Shed.

Our Wedding Co-ordinators are Pinterest obsessed – use this to your advantage and steal their ideas, and together they will help your ideas work with what is available to you at no extra cost. We hope that together with our abundance of props, your ideas and creativity and our experience we truly can transform the barn into the Pinterest wedding you have always dreamt of!

7 Sep 2018