2023 Trends #1 – Digital Lavender

Set to be THE Pantone colour of 2023, let’s have a look into this shade of lilac: Digital Lavender

For the 2nd year in a row, it has been some shade of purple that has been the Pantone colour of the year; but while Orchid Flower is a much brighter shade, symbolising the bit party year 2022 has been, Digital Lavender is a much softer shade, alluding to a year of comedown. 

Purple as a colour spectrum tends to signify luxury, perfect for weddings. But lighter shades like this also signify devotion, love, grace, gentleness and serenity. 

Lavender in particular is alludes to calm, the flower used in a lot of sleep concoctions. And while we certainly would not want to send your guests to sleep, this shade would be perfect in giving a sense of calm – to you as well. We want you to relax after all that stressful planning. 

With those wanting to splash their wedding on Instagram afterwards, is that Digital Lavender is a VERY social-media friendly colour; this is as it alludes to the merging of the physical and digital worlds, something we’re more aware of the more time we spend online. 

Similarly with pink being an important to the LGBTQ+ community, so is purple, featuring prominently on the Non-Binary flag. It’s absolutely NOT a choice between pink and blue – it’s their wedding, and we love seeing how every couple chooses to express themselves. 

As for our recommendation on how to use Digital Lavender, we would advise not using it with other bright colours, and instead pair it with muted tones and creams in order for the lavender to stand out best. 

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10 Nov 2022