DIY Wedding: Louise & Sam

September ended with Louise and Sam’s wedding – a very personal one indeed, not to mention one that had A LOT of effort put into!

The Bride had made EVERYTHING herself, from runners to bunting, to even the Bridesmaids dresses AND HER OWN WEDDING DRESS!!! That is one brave woman!

No wonder we had bought out the vintage sewing machine to represent the Bride on our top table (the Groom had a music themed centrepiece to represent him)!

All of the Bride’s work wasn’t the only family work though, as her brother had created the backdrop!

For food, the party went for a spot of tea – Afternoon Tea to be precise, which Louise and Sam had a lot of input in. 

Huge congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hudson, from all of us at Team Wellbeing!

Photographer: Martyn Hand

18 Oct 2021