Don’t Forget Insurance!

The three biggest spends you will generally have in your life are for a house, a car and a wedding. You wouldn’t dream of NOT insuring a house or car – so it’s crucial you also get your wedding insured too.

The average cost now for a wedding can be anything between £20,000 and £30,000 – that is A LOT of money! In comparison, wedding insurance can cost as little as £50!

Now, we’re by no means experts, but we’d like to give you a few general basics of what the majority of insurance will/will not cover.

When to get it: we recommend you get insurance AS SOON AS YOU HAVE BOOKED YOUR VENUE/SECURED A DATE! This is so then it is out of the way, and that you have it for all your other suppliers (in case anything goes wrong with them).

Most insurers would cover:

  • Injury such as sudden loss of limbs…. (eesh…!!)
  • If a serious medical condition arose with either yourself, partner or close relative (this must be signed off by a medical practitioner)
  • If the venue was flooded/burnt down/go bankrupt or other similar experience (God forbid!)
  • If a supplier lets you down AND there is a written agreement/contract between yourself and said supplier
  • Damage to wedding attire, flowers or cake – do however check the small print
  • Photos not being developed due to a technical fault or your photographer fails to turn up (if you’re using a professional NOT a willing amateur)

Most insurers would not cover:

  • Pregnancy – you would not usually be covered if you find yourself pregnant but WOULD if you came across serious complications. This would need to be signed off by a medical practitioner
  • If a complication arose from a pre-existing condition for yourself, partner or close relative. If something unrelated to the pre-existing condition came up, then you usually WOULD be covered.
  • Cold feet – obviously.
  • Cancellation due to you running into financial difficulty – this is typically called a “disinclination to get married” in the Terms and Conditions of a standard insurance policy
  • Theft – this is dependent on the item and the insurance policy, so please check the small print on this

Like I said, these are just basics, there are so many more resources out there that will explain this in more detail. But the final tips we would offer you are:

  • ALWAYS read the small print
  • It doesn’t matter whether you think you WOULD be out of pocket or not, we still recommend you being covered, with certainty, rather than just paying on a credit card.
  • If you are looking to have your ceremony abroad, we recommend getting a more specialist policy. There will be a slight increase in cost, but it will be worth it
  • Keep EVERYTHING in writing and keep all of your receipts
  • You will need separate travel insurance for your honeymoon

On a serious note, we highly recommend you take out insurance AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

We also strongly recommend you take out wedding insurance, because as couples book so far in advance, the wedding industry does tend to experience cancellations (due to family illness etc) and if this happened to you, you may be able to claim your deposit back via your insurer. 

If you’d like any more tips or information, we recommend having a look at this ?


3 Mar 2020