Feeling a lack of motivation in planning your wedding?

If you have a lack of motivation to do any wedding planning, you’re not alone. 

While it is of course exciting, a wedding can be stressful to plan at the best of times. And we say there is no shame in admitting wedding planning stress. There is already so much to think about, from venue to the dress, décor, music etc etc…. and it’s one of those things that could have done without a bombshell like Covid-19. 

Now add into the “typical problems” of wedding planning, couples have become an added concern about whether their wedding will be able to go ahead at all. All that momentum built up, dropped in an instant. 

Couples caught up in this whirlwind have had to postpone their wedding not just once, but often twice or even three times – it is no wonder that there is a growing sense of limited motivation to something that has already had to be put on hold a couple of times already…. And while that may seem like the easier option, it has meant that a prolonged worry about the uncertainty of the situation. Mix everything together, and you have an astonishing number of couples experience burnout from it all. Nothing has truly been easy: whether keeping the date you had intended but scale down, or push the date back in the hope that this whole year was little more than a bad dream. 

As a venue, we want to help as many couples as possible through this uncertain time, and so after collaborating with our whole Wedding Team, here are our tips for the situation when you are anything but motivated to plan your wedding. Coronavirus has taken so much from us already – we don’t want it to take your excitement away too:

  1. Get ahead of planning of what you CAN do. For a long time, a lot of things relating to the bigger things, such as dress shops etc have been closed for a long time. Venues have only just started opening up for in-person viewings again. So what we advise is while those are finding their feet, do some smaller jobs at your feet. If you’re preparing a DIY wedding, get ideas you can use, and practise putting them together at home. There are also many a subscription box to give you lots of ideas for your wedding and get you excited for planning again: the MisstoMrs box is a great choice! In short, start gathering those small things that will make your wedding special to you and your partner.
  2. Take a break and do not feel guilty for doing so. Looking after yourself is crucial – we cannot say that enough. Not prioritising yourself can risk you falling apart and burning out. Take some time out. Think of this positively as an opportunity to re-discover who you are outside of wedding planning. When you are ready to come back, we bet money that the situation will be a little clearer, and your mind will hopefully be a bit less boggled.
  3. Explore the outdoors. There have been copious studies to exercise and the good outdoors being good for our wellbeing and our mental health – and while we understand that there are so many times you can visit your local park, take advantage of being allowed to venture further from your house now the restrictions are being eased. Even better, plan a day where you are going to steer clear from the wedding planning and instead go for a day out somewhere new.
  4. See your friends and family. As well as being allowed out more, we are now allowed to start meeting people in person again rather than on Zoom. Therefore, make the most of it! Go on walks, meet each other for a meal or a pint (following the rules of course). The biggest support you can get is your friends and family; they may be even able to help you out with certain parts of planning. 
    a. And do not forget to spend more time with your partner too. Plan a regular date with them, even if it is just a movie night with takeaway. Keep away from talking about the wedding planning during this time between the two of you. Spend some time working on your relationship instead. You and your partner are the core reason why this is all happening after all. Being a fiancé is only this short time in the grand scheme of your lives together, make the most of it.
  5. Remember that you are not alone. In September last year, it was reported that over 132,000 couples had their weddings affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Eight months on, and the number is likely to be much higher than that; that is thousands of couples who have experienced the same feeling of their special day being “so close yet so far”. And remember too that we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel; not just with the restrictions being eased, but also with the vaccination programme. At the time of writing this, over 13 million people in the UK have now been fully vaccinated, plus over 29 million people have received their first dose and are awaiting their second – that’s FANTASTIC! 

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31 May 2021