From chair dancing to hakas: the best wedding traditions from around the globe

From chair dancing to hakas: the best wedding traditions from around the globe

21 Oct 2019 | Weddings

Recently, Team Wellbeing has been travelling all across the world; from our Office Manager travelling all over Europe, to one of our Wedding Coordinators spending 2 weeks in Thailand, to our Managing Director visiting Bali, Australia and the United States in just a few months!  

So, it’s got us thinking what 11 of the most random and quirkiest wedding traditions are from all over the world.


Pack your suitcase!


The traditional wedding vows are “till death do you part”, and a traditional español takes it to a new level past a Tim Burton film! Sometimes, the Bride wears a black to symbolise the commitment taken to her new spouse. 


We may know the throwing of the bouquet, but in Peru, the cake is sometimes made with ribbons coming out of it; on one of these ribbons is a fake wedding ring inside. All the single ladies pull a different ribbon; the one to pull the ribbon with the ring attached is the next one to get married!

New Zealand

You may have seen it on the rugby, and it may traditionally be a war dance, but did you know that the haka is also performed as a dance in times of peace – which of course includes weddings. In fact, we have seen it ourselves once or twice as part of a surprise for the Bride and Groom!


No wonder “Romeo and Juliet” was set in Verona! The night before the wedding, it’s tradition for the Groom to serenade the Bride outside her window – with a band and the full works! That’s amore indeed! 


There’s a LOT of traditions coming from this country, but 2 in particular caught our eye. 1 month before the big day, the Bride starts crying “tears of joy” for 1 hour every day; and then the whole Bridal Party joins in! Then on the wedding day itself, the Groom shoots the Bride with (thankfully headless) arrows several times! It’s apparently meant to show that true love lasts forever. Think Cupid will be out of a job at this rate!


During the reception, once the Bride leaves the room, all the ladies in the room have the Groom to themselves – it’s tradition for them to kiss the Groom while the Bride isn’t around. And vice versa for the men to the Bride when the Groom’s left the room…


Why so serious! Newlyweds in the Republic of Congo are not allowed to smile ONCE during their wedding day, otherwise be seen to not be taking married life seriously…. That would be extremely hard for a LOT of people! 


One of the most famous Jewish wedding traditions hails from Romania – chair dancing! This phenomenon, involving the Bride and Groom lifted in the air on chairs, is solely about bringing the fun to big day and making the Bride happy. How thoughtful!

South Korea

This one is a bit odd… At some point during the day, the Groom’s friends and family will pin him down while his feet are slapped with either a stick or a dried fish and he is asked trivia about his Bride…. It’s meant to be good for the brain and feet…. 


Jewish weddings may smash 1 glass in celebration, but German couples sometimes clean up piles of smashed up porcelain to smash up evil spirits!


Good luck trying to pin the Bride and Groom here! It’s good luck for them to elope during their reception without anyone noticing. Buut, it is also good luck for the person who first notices that they’re gone!


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