Get that perfect confetti shot, not plastic shot

One of the main features of any wedding day is the chance to shower the couple with bits and pieces that look like they’re being showered in snow. 

It celebrates the couple immediately after they say “I Do”, and it makes some beautiful shots. 

Traditionally, confetti was either rice or dried flower petals, but over the years has got a rather plastic-y touch; and we want to bring it back to the original idea. 

We have said over the years that we only allow biodegradable confetti at weddings here, but we want to give you an insight as to why. 

And being a sustainably run venue is only part of it. 

You MAY be aware, but we have several animals on our site who come out on every single wedding and event at some point. Including in that, three of them like to wander around/follow Pete adorably (but don’t actually escape, don’t worry): Laurie the llama, and Sandra and Mabel our sheep. 

Sandra and Mabel in particular like to have a nibble at Celia’s flowers around the venue. And as sometimes confetti gets stuck in… We don’t want any plastic in sweet Sandra or Mabel don’t we? 

But it’s more than that. Confetti gets picked up by the wind and drifted across to other farms and surrounding fields. You can see what’s coming next – possibly eaten by another small animal. Again, we don’t want any plastic in their stomachs. 

At best it takes ages to clean up. At worst it’s picked up by the wind to be taken to goodness knows where. 

We hope this sheds a light on why we ban plastic in confetti, as well as confetti cannons. But the good news is, that the market is finally starting to catch up on sustainable products, there are loads of options for confetti, including biodegradable paper, and the original dried flower petals. 


Here’s a good link to check out biodegradable confetti choices: Is Confetti Biodegradable? (And Alternatives to Confetti) – Conserve Energy Future (conserve-energy-future.com)

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1 Sep 2022