Happy St Patrick’s Day!

It’s that time of year again when we all pretend to be Irish – dress up head to toe in green, dig out the face paint and get completely Sheep-faced!

At The Wellbeing Farm, while Ireland may not be the most represented country on our Bar, we would like to take the occasion to showcase our range of Irish favorites.

We have to start off with Irish water, otherwise known as whiskey. Our top range of whiskeys are changing all the time, but we will always have the staple Jameson Irish Whiskey permanently on the Bar – possibly the most popular of our whiskies from any country, this smooth whiskey is aged in cask for over 4 years, to give spicy, nutty, and vanilla-like flavours.

Speaking of another Dublin staple, we cannot go any further without mentioning Guinness – of course we had to include that somewhere! It may not be draught, but our surger system is almost like a bit of leprechaun magic. Even though it comes out of a can, by the time it has been through the surger, it tastes like it just came straight out of the keg!

If you’re not a fan of beer, but fancy a fruity cider for the spring sunshine (however temperamental it may be!), we now have Magners Dark Fruit on draught, as one of our new products since our bar extension!

Finally, we have the ever-popular Irish cream – Baileys. A typical end-of-the-night drink, we can make an additional tweak to this Irish standard. Baileys is one of the two options you can pick between if you choose our Pimp Your Hot Chocolate station! Boozy Hot Chocolates all round – or even Irish Coffees!!

Have we missed something? If you feel we have, please let us know! But we hope that this has made you think of a day spent in County Cork, or a drunken night in a Dublin bar full of pipes!

14 Mar 2019

st patricks day