Help! Emergency!

‘Ring Ring‘ HELP! I’ve got a wedding emergency!

Happy Safety Pin Day! Err what, we hear you say? Yes, there truly is a day for anything and everything.
So, in “celebration” of this, we want to tell you that if on your big day, you suffer an emergency of any kind, we do have an Emergency Wedding Kit on standby:

– Pins and safety pins. It is safety pin day after all. For any dress emergencies, we have a whole stack of them – and you know what a safety pin is always useful for? Button holes!
– Velcro strips, scissors and a mini sewing kit
– For summer, we know it can be a “fun” time of year for the bugs to come out and play bleh! so for any stings etc., we’ve got bite and sting relief
– Grandma spilt the gravy? Our pocket stain remover gets rid of it in seconds
– Plasters and a mini first aid kit for any cuts and bumps
– Blister plasters and gel feet pads are available to sooth any tired feet. We may even have a spare pair of socks if needed
– Makeup disaster? Hair in a tizz? Makeup wipes, tissues, cotton buds, blotting paper and Kirby grips are at the ready
– For any nail disasters, we have nail files, clear nail varnish and even some nail glue
– Headaches? Pass the Paracetamol!
– For any women’s issues (…), we are fully stocked with sanitary towels and tampons
– Deodorant, body spray and talcum powder are available
– Sun cream for any burns

As we’ve said before, every Bride and Groom are different, and there may be certain things that you would include in an emergency pack that we may have missed; but I hope that that reassures you that if something does go wrong, then we’re here to help.

10 Apr 2019