How does a venue’s environment contribute to performance?

We all know that nature is good for the soul. Our daily exercise has been a blessing for us during the full lockdown. It calms us, refreshes us, and focuses us. This applies to both professional and personal: have you wondered about the venue you use outside of your office? And whether or not the environment it is in affects your performance?

I can honestly say that by working at The Wellbeing Farm, there isn’t a view like it. Being able to look out of the window and loads of green space (as well as Laurie the llama wondering about) is a huge bonus.

Be honest: has a view of skyscrapers and traffic inspired you to get on with your work?

We didn’t think so. You need to get stuck in and have the creative juices flowing again after a long time away but this grey skyline isn’t doing you any favours.

So you try and escape the office for a day with your Team, but it’s to another high-rise building, or a stuffy hotel goodness-knows-where.

The only food they have is beige sandwiches, maybe an apple if you’re lucky – oh and terrible coffee. It does nothing to stimulate you and you have a huge dip in your afternoon performance.

You may as well have hidden in Starbucks with the amount of work you’re getting done.

Or you can pick a venue that has a change of scenery and also literal food for thought to get your productivity going again?

If you’d like a change of scene for your future networking, why not contact us to see what options we can offer you and how a change of venue and environment could improve your performance… Let us know on 01204 852113

11 Aug 2020