How sustainable is your Corporate Venue?

With the lockdown going on, it has been a perfect opportunity to reflect on a lot of things. And we’ve seen nature coming back to life while the world has been paused. So we want to put a question to you: How sustainable is your typical corporate venue?

Take yourself back to the last time you were there:

  1. Do you see any recycling bins around the venue?
  2. How clear is their green pledge on their website and social media – is there even anything there in which they discuss environmental issues and sustainability?
  3. Is it the same food all year round? Do you get the same old sandwiches and packet of crisps? Or do they try and change things up depending on the season?
  4. Do they use a sustainable or Fairtrade brand of coffee/tea etc?
  5. Do they still stock plastic straws and stirrers on their bar (if they have one)

With that in mind, is the corporate venue you normally use truly sustainable? Is it time for a change?

Sustainability has always been in our ethos – we’ve not won the Lancashire Gold Award for Green Tourism for nothing you know!

In fact, we write regularly about Sustainability; you can read more here: Sustainability Archives | The Wellbeing Farm Wedding and Events Venue

To find out how we can make your perfect green event, give us a call on 01204 852113

15 Dec 2020