How we deliver A quality wedding experience

Happy World Quality Day!

No, we’re not referring to Quality Street (unfortunately!), but the contributions of quality businesses around the globe – in fact, it is 100 years since the 1st WQD in 1919. 

With that in mind, we would like to provide you with a bit of a behind-the-scenes at The Wellbeing Farm, in how we run things, and how we provide a quality experience to our couples. 

For all of our couples, whereas other places may only have 1 meeting during the whole planning process, no matter how far in advance you book your date, we have 3: the basics at 6 months, more in-depth details at 3 months and final touches at 2 weeks before your wedding. That way, you can be sure that we can pick up any changes you’d want to make; and we’re able to build up that relationship with you, which is so crucial to any events planners and their clients. 

After meetings, we keep everything on our electronic system – much easier than faffing around with lots of bits of paper; and as a green business, better for the environment too! 

In addition to that, we always say that if you have any further questions, we’re just at the end of a phone or a computer screen!

Wednesday is our biggest day at the Farm (other than the weekends and the weddings of course); that is because it is the only day when everyone in the Team is in! That means that is the most hectic day, as there are a lot of meetings, and staff who aren’t in over the weekend get filled in about the festivities. 

Because everyone’s in, it is stuffed full of meetings; the 1st big one we have is Traction, where we discuss any issues that have cropped up in the past week and find solutions, as well as see where everyone’s up to with their own individual projects. 

The second part of Traction is not just these meetings but a big “HOW TO” file; from how to work the heating, to how to order booze 😉

Since introducing the system earlier this year, we feel the business has become a LOT more organized! 

Then after the Traction meeting, our WECs, the Head Chef and the Bar Manager all take part in the Operations Meeting, highlighting the plan of the weddings/events for that weekend so, come the big day, we all know what to expect. 

On the day before your wedding (that is if there isn’t a wedding the day before), we will be around the day before when you bring your bits and bobs, being your table plan, favours etc. That way, you can enjoy yourself as your last evening as a singleton, knowing that we have everything in hand. 

To top this all off, our Team has just been won Events Team of the Year in the North West Regional finals of the Wedding Industry Awards – it speaks volumes as to just how hard our Team work to bring you the best quality experience possible, from the Wedding Coordinators leading the event, to our team of bar and floor staff on the event itself. 

To book an appointment to meet our team, follow the attached link: https://thewellbeingfarm.youcanbook.me/

We would love to meet you and see how we could bring your dream wedding to life!

14 Nov 2019

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