How workplaces will change due to Covid-19 and how we can solve problems with these changes, helping them get back to normal

Things are going back to some kind of normal; people are starting to go back to work; more and more things are opening up, all be with social distancing measures in.

But it’s not going to be completely normal until a vaccine for Covid-19 is found – let’s be honest!

And after all this time working from home, let us also be honest it is going to feel weird being around colleagues again.

Not as many of you will be in the office at once? Will there be a mixture of working in the office at home? Is the office installing plastic screens and other social distancing measures in order for it to open?

What you may need is to get to know your own Team all over again – so why not have a day out Team Building?

We can help with that!

We can hold plenty of outdoor space and fresh air to allow for social distancing, as well as several breakout meetings rooms, all of which have natural ventilation.

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10 Jul 2020