2023 trends #4 – “If your name’s not down…”

Think back to the pandemic. All that time spent on Zoom chatting or doing quizzes. Made us realise which family members and friends we truly cherish don’t we? 

Well, we’re seeing a growing trend in smaller and more intimate weddings: before the pandemic, the average number of guests for a wedding was 102. Now it is 72. 

According to Hitched, 91% of couples wish there was a way to tell people they were not invited to the big day, and a further 71% felt they were pressurised to invite certain guests. 

Well, from we’re definitely seeing a rise in enquiries for a slightly smaller all-out party, following this one guideline: 

If you didn’t talk or have a Zoom quiz with them during lockdown, they’re not invited. 

We can perfectly understand the reasoning – after all there is nothing more awkward than meeting someone for the first time at your wedding, or feeling compelled to invite that one distant family member you have nothing in common with. 

What’s interesting though, is that just because couples are inviting less people, that it means a scaled back wedding. Far from it. Whatever money in their budget that would have been used for “additional guests”, is being put into making their wedding an amazing experience, whether that be for the catering, décor or entertainment.

18 Nov 2022