In Conversation with: Ceremonies by Sel

Welcome back to our In Conversation With series with some of the suppliers we have worked with over the years. This week, we’re releasing our conversation with celebrant Selina, asking her about her top tips for ceremonies, and starting a whole new business in the middle of lockdown!!

The Wellbeing Farm: Please tell us a little about yourself and your wedding business

Selina: My name is Selina, I’m a friendly smiley northern lass who has always loved weddings and celebrating! I’ve been helping couples find their perfect wedding and engagement rings for over fifteen years and now finally I can help them beyond the doors of the jewellers. 

My Celebrant business was born out of a long lockdown of furlough and soul searching. I think the pandemic has changed us all in one way or another, for me it forced me to really look at my life and ask what my purpose is. My job at the jewellers was great, but what I really love is getting to hear about my couples stories, how they met, the proposal, any obstacles they’ve had to face on their journey. 

I work with my couples to create a bespoke wedding ceremony which screams individuality and is a great alternative to a religious/secular registry office ceremony. 

Being a Celebrant combines my love of all things weddings, love stories, story telling, and celebrating all of life’s milestones. I love being able to give my couples the choice of how their ceremony can feel, look and sound. I wish so much that I knew about celebrants when I got married and Im so happy I can now show people that their  ceremony doesn’t have to be the generic part of the day.  It can and should reflect who they are; it can be funny, silly, loud, big,micro or intimate. It can be anywhere at any time. 

TWF: How long have you been trading as a business?

Selina: I am a shiny and new 3 months old! But don’t let that stop you, I’m well trained and  experienced in public speaking, performance and arts. Im so passionate about weddings and ceremonies, I feel like I’ve been doing this forever. 

TWF: Where are you located?

Selina: I’m located in Sunny Saddleworth which is situated on the yorkshire/ Lancashire border (my heart is in God’s country though!) I am happy to travel around the Lancashire/Yorkshire area. 

TWF: How have you adapted your business throughout coronavirus?

Selina: As I am new to this I’ve not faced the challenges of my more established fellow celebrants. I’m ready to support my couples in anyway I can on the road out of Lockdown.

TWF: What is the one thing that you have missed over the last year?

Selina: Spending my post school run morning sat in the corner of my favourite coffee shop. 

TWF: What are your 3 top tips for wedding couples?

Selina: Don’t try to please everyone, you never will 

Do what makes you happy (kind of the same as number 1) 

If you can, hire a videographer, or have someone film the ceremony. The day is so fleeting, it’ll be good to play back those little exchanges that photos don’t always capture. 

TWF: What are the current upcoming trends for weddings for your business?

Selina: Rituals! How about a handfasting ritual (actually an oldie but a goodie!) with handfasting cords made from something fun,special or sentimental? 

Micro weddings! This one appeals to me for sure! A cute intimate but casual wedding in the family garden with your nearest and dearest. 

Surprise weddings! Invite your friends and family to dress up and attend a gathering with you and then suprise everyone with a beautiful ceremony and a fantastic reason to party! 

TWF: What is your personal favourite wedding trend at the moment?

Selina: Going the non traditional route  from the outfits to the venues, changing up the dynamic of the wedding party! I love to see couples starting their own traditions. 

TWF: What can you not wait to do when weddings are back to normal?

Selina: The Okie Cokie is definitely up there for me. Also, to meet my couples in person over coffee to talk about their wedding hopes, ideas and dreams. 

  1. TWF: How can couples get in touch with you?

Selina: I have contact page on my website www.cereomniesbysel.com 

You can follow and message me on Instagram Ceremonies_by_sel . I’m also featured on The Celebrants Collective, The Celebrant Directory and Bridebook

4 Jun 2021