Inspiration – My ‘no regrets’ philosophy to life


My ‘no regrets’ philosophy to life

I’m trying to rack my brain trying to think when did I become so obsessed with this philosophy? I think I got the obsession with studying from my dad – he had more qualifications than anyone I know. I got the zest for life from my Grandparents – my Grandma lived until 100 and my Grandpa travelled to every country in the world apart from Russia. I get my energy and enthusiasm from my lovely mum and I get the ‘no regrets’ philosophy from observing my parents’ divorce and thinking ‘nobody is ever doing that to me…’.

I’m very conscious that our time on this planet is limited. Although I constantly marvel at the ever-developing technologies of medicine. Nothing is going to give you an infinite life so you need to make the most of the short time you have on this planet. I witnessed both my grandparent’s dying surrounding with family, love and memories – I hope this happens to me at the time…

I have this fear of being on my death bed and looking back full of remorse and regret for the things I didn’t do. This is why I suppose I am constantly reading (the pile of books and constant deliveries from Amazon has become a bit of a standing joke in the office). I seek inspiration from books, courses, seminars and never stop looking at how I can improve my life and my business. I try and read a book a week and several a week when I go on holiday.

To be able to run a business and read a book a week, I don’t tend to watch much TV although my guilty secret is Coronation Street which I rarely miss. I’ve recently given up listening to the news (it’s always so depressing) so just listen to the headlines and if a news story is worth listening to, catch up with it on iPlayer. I’ve substantially limited my time on social media and really use it mainly for my business, to be honest.

My ambition is to be a motivational speaker on a cruise ship – where it’s now out there. I met someone who did this and how she described it was fantastic – who wouldn’t want to combine travelling and speaking engagements in one go… Hence I’ve got to write this book to be able to secure my credibility….

7 Sep 2018