Introducing the Wedding Trends for 2021!

Planning a 2021 or 2022 wedding? 

Get to know the trends for next year’s nuptials. 

We are more than just a little bit excited to see the emerging wedding trends for 2021 & 2022; and cannot wait to see our couples embrace these and emerge with some of the most amazing weddings that our venue has ever seen!

By putting out the research we’ve done, we hope it makes you super excited to begin your wedding planning journey.

  • We are expecting couples to be going all out with a Maxi wedding. There’s an itch to go BIG after a frankly terrible year with extra guests, more food, bigger bouquets, centrepieces, and definitely more sparkle
  • We are also predicting more ways for couples to throw the rule book out of the window altogether and scrap traditions in making their wedding completely unique. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the value of family and friends – so who cares about a few stuffy traditions here and there! We cannot wait to see the creativity of our couples over the next 2 years!
Here’s some more emerging wedding trends, hot off the press, for you to consider…
  • One of biggest priorities, we have found for couples is sustainability, in having a venue with a sustainable policy (both environmentally and socially), and sustainable suppliers 
  • DIY weddings will still be an incredibly hot trend. Having a flexible venue where you can make your wedding individual and personal is also going to be a very important factor for all couples 
  • There has been a peak interest in outdoor venues for receptions and ceremonies, as Coco Wedding Venues reported a whopping 240% increase in searches for outdoor venues in July 2020 
  • Let’s talk colour schemes…colours will include pastel shades such as lilac, pale pink and peach. But you can also expect ochre, mustard and buttery tones. There’s so many to choose from that will work with our venue! 
  • Jump back in time to the 1970s – yes, flares and Fleetwood Mac! But more specifically, we are looking forward to more macramé, crochet, wooden beading, textured linens…we cannot wait! 
  • A bigger interest in Weekday Weddings… who says you have to wait until the weekend to tie the knot? Make Mondays something to look forward to, or even hump day Wednesday or speed bump Thursday could be your highlight instead! 
  • A lot more couples are getting out the fairy lights – not just for Christmas but for all year round to create the perfect fairy-tale ambience. And guess what? WE are so on trend that our Wedding Barn has been decked out with fairy lights since 2014…! 

Look out for more pieces that will discuss wedding trends for 2021 & 2022 coming soon; where we let our creative juices flow and go all out with our BIG predictions!

While you wait, to get more tips and inspiration, read more on our wedding blog here

18 Nov 2020