Is it Boris Johnson or a Llama? Spot the Difference!

Howdy! Laurie the Llama here (yes, I really am a Llama) and I’ve sneaked out of the stables and into the office to share some good news! 

After being cooped up thanks to these pesky lockdown restrictions for months now me and my llama friends are finally free! 

Boris Johnson has binned off the restrictions that stopped us from getting together and having the big fun wedding celebrations we love – and we can’t wait to welcome back our happy couples and their guests to The Wellbeing Farm! 

I’ve always liked Boris… I think it’s because we go to the same hair salon…

Now my bowtie is freshly ironed and ready to go. But I need a good excuse to pop it on – and for that, I need YOU! 

It turns out all these COVID restrictions are actually quite expensive for a venue like ours, but now that they’re gone, I’ve convinced the team to pass on those savings to you and your wedding here at the fun, quirky and award winning wedding venue I call home! 

To celebrate, we’re offering all new bookings 20% off our venue hire!

You’re welcome!

I’ve done the maths (yes, llamas can do maths!) and I reckon it’s a saving of £1,500 – £2,000 off your venue hire! 

Not too shabby eh! 

So hit reply, get in touch and I’ll get a proper person to send you all the details 🙂 

Now… if you’ll excuse me, I’ve spotted a fresh patch of grass that I need to get to before they let the alpacas out! 

See you soon! 

Laurie xx

Professional Bowtie Wearing Llama 

To find out more, either email [email protected] or call 01204 852113

23 Feb 2022