It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

Header image by Anna Wood Photography

Today is all about sustainability and composting – the decay that truly provides magic for the planet – and going a bit green!

The Wellbeing Farm has always been a green business, compost being just one of the many ways we keep it just so. We recycle everything on the farm in one way or another, from the bar to the office, and keep a compost heap that we use on our flower beds that produce all of the edible flowers used in our menu and more.

As well as our edible flowers, we only use local produce for all our food, including all of the meat coming from our partner business: Whiteheads Butchers, also based in Edgworth, who have been going for almost 130 years! All our kitchen waste is also taken away to be turned into greener fuel!

From the kitchen to the bar, we stock stripy straws with the Manchester Bee – to get them, we had to sign a pledge to help make Manchester plastic free! Yes, we go to some great lengths to be as green a venue as possible.  We also get wooden stirrers for the bar from the same supplier.

Along these lines, we don’t use any other single-use plastics, instead recommending bamboo crockery and cutlery – we tend to use these to serve your evening food, or also recommend these to any WedFest loving brides with our Festival Fodder menu.

Even our Prop Shed is showing our sustainable side. As well as it being easier for you lovely couples by not needing to buy anything in, it also means that nothing gets chucked afterwards. Props A, B, and C are effectively recycled from couple to couple. For you, it means you don’t have to constantly go out to the shops and buy props, saving you some petrol in the process.

Finally, all of our power is powered by Lancashire gales; just up the hill, we have our own wind turbine, working hard for all our electricity. Besides the views, there are advantages of working higher up…

Need any further proof? Well, we have won the Gold Award from Green Tourism!

So, if you want not just a wedding or party with a difference, but also one you know is going to be helpful to Mother Earth, then The Wellbeing Farm is the place for you.

29 May 2019