It’s official, we’re all set for good ventilation!

Ventilation is one of the biggest topics concerning any kind of indoor venue during the pandemic. Even as restrictions are being lifted, pubs, restaurants, gyms and more are trying all sorts of solutions to try and get as much fresh air and ventilation in as possible. This is because as you may know, it has been proven that it helps prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In fact, ventilation has become so important, 53% of people believe that air quality inside indoor venues impacts their chances of catching the Coronavirus.

It’s since become apparent that venues that are able to be well ventilated are at a massive advantage compared to others. Research has shown that good ventilation can in fact minimize the risk of cross-infection from 1.5m.

We’d like to help ease your worries on this. So here’s a little run down of the features we have here that will help keep your event as safe as possible and aid ventilation:

  • Every building has doors leading to the outside. From our Events Barn to the Wheatsheaf Barn, and every room in between. They also have plenty of windows kept open during every event to circulate fresh air.
  • They also all have high ceilings
  • With an over 300 standing capacity in normal times, our Barn is larger than you may initially realise
  • Being on a farm, we have plenty of outdoor space for mingling including
    • Our front field for fun and outdoor games
    • An outdoor seating area including a fire pit
  • For once, being in the middle of nowhere is an advantage. You will not be getting anyone and everyone wandering in to use the toilets etc etc

Thanks to all these ways we incorporate ventilation, we’ve received the AIM accreditation and the AA Covid-19 Confident seal.

We hope that this has made you a little more encouraged about

To find out more about our safety measures, please click here: NWWC-Safety-Document-Web2.pdf (wellbeingcorporate.co.uk)

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16 Jul 2021