Lambing Season

Spring at The Wellbeing Farm is well and truly here – yippee!! It’s the season of new life, which means only one thing… LAMBS!!! We have many working farms as neighbours, and so there are plenty of small clouds on legs running around the neighbouring fields.

It’s a time that we look forward to every year, no less that it’s nice to look out of the window and see the little lambs running around the field and kicking up their legs, particularly if they hadn’t been outside before. Looking out one window you’ve got the lambs, and then of course, our llamas and donkeys playing on the other side; working at The Wellbeing Farm certainly is anything BUT boring.

For our guests, it’s also a charming sight, to see the sheep out in the field on their wedding – plus think of the photographs, against the backdrop of the Lancashire Pennine countryside…

So, from all of us in Team Wellbeing, including all our animals big and small, old friends and new, happy spring!

25 Apr 2019