Let’s Get Sheep Faced!

After months of planning and weeks of building work, we are delighted to announce that our fabulous new bar area in our Wedding Barn is officially open!

We would love to thank all our Fun, Quirky and Magical couples, whether they be present or future, for seeing past the dust, mess and colourful sofas all over the Wheatsheaf Bar, and for your patience – it may have only been open a few days, but it was well worth the wait!

It’s funny now as I am writing this in our new, cosy “Naughty Corner” and it’s almost impossible to believe that a few weeks ago there was a green metal ramp and stone floor where I was sat – or that the minute we took it out, we realised just how much space we had to play around with; a lot more than we thought we had, let me tell you.

Onto the bar itself, it’s now much bigger so you and your guests will be able to get served faster. We also have a lot more choice, having added an extra draught fitting with brand new products – including Goose Midway IPA with a VERY quirky handle!

Our Gin Bar has a fantastic selection of both dry and flavoured gins, from Manchester to Beefeater Pink, Bathtub to the insanely popular Whitney Neil Parma Violet.

But did you know that gin has a contender for being the “Big Thing”? Rum is quickly closing in, and we have a great selection of rums (white, spiced and dark) to satisfy everyone’s taste: including, brand new to The Wellbeing Farm Bar, Mount Gay and Balla Black.

As well as the new bar, we have also made changes to our Lancashire Brew Station. It’s now situated in a much better location: right next to the bar, making it easier for both you to grab a quick cuppa, and our staff to replenish stock! We’re also in the process of choosing brand new products for our Brew Station – we will keep you posted!

The only thing left to say is come down and see our new bar! We’ve got lots of Open Days coming up, or there’s Wedding Wednesday of course – no appointment needed, just turn up! We’d LOVE to see you there!

1 Mar 2019