Manage Your Stress – I feel stressed and overwhelmed

Manage Your Stress

I feel stressed and overwhelmed – We know that handing over a deposit is a big decision to make, and we feel strongly that you shouldn’t have to wait in a queue feeling like you can’t approach us until it is your turn to get married. We welcome all our couples into Team Wellbeing and truly have made some great friendships that continue long after the excitement of the big day has concluded.

We have Wedding Co-ordinators who are truly dedicated to what they do; we want to get to know you as a couple and enjoy the journey of planning your big day as much as you do. We hope that by doing so, we take any stress and worries away so that you can enjoy the whole process, after all, you will only get to do it the once!

The way we do this is easy. We have wedding planning meetings with you at three pivotal stages throughout your planning journey; six months, three months and two weeks. These meetings take place at the weekend or on a Wednesday evening and last approximately an hour, although sometimes slightly longer depending on how much we keep each other nattering! Don’t worry though; they are always fuelled with tea and cake, or an ice cold beer if you have come straight from a long day at work!

At six months before the big day, we get together to go through some of the essential details that couples often overlook.  We ensure that the registrar has been booked and begin to discuss any suppliers who will be attending at The Wellbeing Farm. We also like to think at this meeting that we plant some seeds of thought; we check that you are aware that you will need around 4 songs to play during the signing of the registrar; we check you’re aware of what items you are welcome to use from our props shed; we check you’re aware of the measurements of the tables. We hope that you go away with a list of helpful ‘to do’s’ that means that you have plenty of time to tick them off your list, avoiding any last minute rush or panic. We also remind you at this meeting that you are welcome to pop along to any of our open days or on wedding Wednesday to try out any table layouts or experiment with our props.

At three months before the big day, it’s time to iron out some of the exciting details! We go through all of your menu choices, and start to discuss the timings of your wedding itself. We always advise couples that we try to avoid a military regimented approach; the last thing we want to do is escort your guests from one place to another repeatedly to the point that they begin to feel like cattle! We want you and your guests to feel as relaxed and at ease as possible, and we don’t want you to have to even think about what time it is – that is our job. We will also confirm at this meeting which of our props you would like to use, and obtain some details about the look you are trying to create in the barn!

At two weeks before your wedding, we then meet again to confirm your final numbers, dietary requirements, and any other last minute details. We go through the order of the day one final time, so you should go away feeling 100% confident that everything is in hand, and all you have to do is turn up!

If this wasn’t enough, another creation we are proud of is the Secret Wedding area to our website! During the last few years when we have been planning weddings, we have come across all types of questions and issues. We have therefore collected them all together and put them in one place – our secret website! You can find sample table layouts, a list of our recommended suppliers, a props itinerary and much more.

You will be provided with the password and log in details for this wedding planning tool once your deposit has been paid and we really do hope that you find it useful!

Aside from these three meetings, we also have a group email inbox which all of our Wedding Co-ordinators have access to. The advantage of this is that if a few Wedding Co-ordinators are tied up on a weekend the weekend, the chances are another Co-ordinator will be based in the office and will instead pick up your email and be able to respond.

Honestly, you ever have any queries at all, we really do welcome you emailing them into [email protected] and we promise we will get back to you, even if it does take us a couple of days!

We really do enjoy planning each and every wedding, and we are so fortunate that our couples are so creative and we really do mean it when we say that no two weddings are the same. We think that is the best part of our job – we get to see your creativity from your initial ideas at 6 months all the way up to the day before your wedding when you unload your car and hand your items over to us.

From brides who just tell us to ‘do what we think looks best’ to brides who produce detailed written documents, we love you all!

I hope that you’ve felt that we’ve been open and honest in addressing your concerns.

Happy Planning!

10 Sep 2018