Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Looking back, no one would have EVER considered getting married on a farm in the UK – too cold, muddy and worried about stepping in animal muck! But would you believe, that it has become one of the fastest-growing wedding trends in recent years to hold your wedding day at a farm, barn, or similar venue.

One of the reasons for this has GOT to be the Americans, as it has been a trend over the there for some time now, and has been shown on our favourite American dramas. One example that springs to mind is the double wedding of Kurt and Blaine, and of Santana and Britney in the final season of Glee!

So, why on Earth would you want to get married on a farm?

I cannot of course speak for EVERY farm in the country, but at The Wellbeing Farm, we have a STUNNING view! Even on a grey miserable day, you can still look out and see the Pennine Moors; and that’s not even getting started. We always say to couples who’ve had their first viewing on a rainy day “Well, you’ve seen it at its worst, so it can only go up”; and it does go up, in fact, on a really clear sunny day, you can even see as far out as Fiddler’s Ferry! What other place can hold a view like that! No wonder we are a photographer’s dream!

Second is I think the greens, often literally and figuratively. Couples are now a lot more environmentally aware, and they want their wedding to be as sustainable as possible. We are that in many ways, our commitment to recycling being only 1 of them. It very often extends to our food as well; many farms would use their own meat as part of their menu, and we’re no exception, liaising with Whiteheads Butchers for all the meat used in our menus. For all our other produce, we only use local suppliers, and we only recommend local suppliers to our couples as well: from cakes and stationary to flowers and bands.

And last but certainly not least, what do all farms (except arable ones of course) have in common…? ANIMALS!!!!!!

Our animals are undeniably the stars at The Wellbeing Farm and we have 9 altogether: our 4 llamas, 2 Alpacas, 2 donkeys and our adorable puppy Maxy. Most, if not all of whom get dressed up ready to meet your friends and family – where else would you see a llama or Alpaca in a bow tie, or a donkey in a flat cap?

I could go on for a while, but there’s the 3 big reasons why you should think about having your wedding at a farm. Just to remind you as well, that many are a lot more upmarket than you would expect them to be. People come to one of our open days for example, and expect to see anything other than what we offer! I’ve even been asked if we have troughs in the toilets! We’re FAR classier than that!

Just to end, if you’re toying with the idea of a barn/farm wedding, expect the unexpected…

25 Apr 2019