Our Wellbeing Farm guide to wedding stress

Your wedding is one of the most important days in anyone’s life.

Something you plan for many months, or even years since picking your date – and making a commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone. 

As a result, planning can turn into one big fat all of stress – which is normal and human; with that in mind, we’ve decided to give you some top tips about how to deal with the stresses of wedding planning. 

Don’t take all the planning on yourself

This is a big family day, so let them and your friends help you planning. They even may know connections for suppliers, or be able to source things for you.

Get everything neat and organised

This seems obvious, but the mind is often clearer when there is a tidy space in front of you. Take it from me – I 100% have the messiest desk in the office, and when its tidy, I feel 100% better. Do you need ALL those business cards from 50 million photographers? Do you have a book/file for all your papers

Commit a weekend/couple of days to sort out wedding material

Weekends can be manic, but if you commit some time (just the two of you) to tackle one area (realistically) of wedding planning and blitz it. You’ll instantly feel better.

Aaand commit a time away from the wedding material

Go out (just the two of you) and ban any talk about “the big thing”. We know that’s easier said than done, but a bit of time away from it calms you right down. 

Get insurance sorted first, and ensure you get written contracts with your venue and every supplier before paying anything

This is so important, and it makes sure that you and all your suppliers are all on the same page in terms of all the formal stuff

Don’t let wedding planning ruin your social life

Yes you may have this big looming Bridal bouquet shaped cloud over your head, but that should not stop you from having fun! Go on dates with your partner, go out with your friends and family, spend weekends away – let your hair down, Planning-zilla can wait!

Don’t try to please everyone

This is so important.

We understand that your weddings are one of the few events you will have all of your family and friends at. Old and young, and you feel you need to satisfy everyone. It is near impossible to do this. While some main things can be compromised on, please remember that it is YOUR day. YOU and YOUR PARTNER’s day – therefore stand your ground on certain things and own it. Find a healthy balance between the two, and your planning will go a lot smoother.

16 Oct 2019

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