Physical vs Virtual Interaction: why nothing beats being in the Office!

We may have all gotten used to meetings over Zoom and other virtual platforms during the past few months rather than physical; but in our opinion, nothing beats good face-to-face interaction back in the office. Here’s why:

  • There’s more focus and less distractions between delegates in in-person meetings; this allows for better productivity and creativity
  • It is much easier to build relationships in person than it is on a screen. We are social animals after all
  • No technology issues! It’s always incredibly frustrating when someone loses connection or their camera or microphone suddenly stops working, not to mention a time-waster!
  • A change of environment other than home is better for your team’s wellbeing and mental health
  • Though Zoom is handy for structured meetings, it’s harder if you want more of a creative discussion, as there is a barrier for free-flowing conversation

If you are looking for a venue for your next meeting away from Zoom to strategize as we ease out of lockdown, or for your team re-acquainted again, give us a call on 01204 852113 or click here to view more: https://northwestwellbeingcentre.co.uk/  

Sick of the virtual and cannot wait to get back to physical interaction? The next step is up to you!

4 Sep 2020